Schools and Learning Institutions
Protect our Future by screening our children and educators.
Hospitals and Clinics
Keep our army of essential workers safe by regular screening.
Small Business
Supporting small businesses and helping them become the giants they were meant to be.
Airports, Factories and Malls
Shop responsibly, work responsibly, and commute responsibly.

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Contactless Thermal Screening Solutions

Key Benefits

Continued Value

Add Value

​ All of our solutions are built on the Hellothing IoT platform, allowing for seamless feature expansion and relevance into the future, long after COVID-19.


Ensure Consistent Compliance

​ Fastcomm’s technology ensures your compliance today and is a visual badge for all visitors, demonstrating your active monitoring and safe management of the space.


Provide an Easy to Use Dashboard

​ ​ Through our IoT & data analytics tools we collect & store data to help businesses with better decision-making efforts to comply with health & safety requirements.


Provide Intelligent Remote Monitoring Functionality

​ ​ Our IoT sensors can be added for gate entry, meeting room occupancy, asset monitoring (power, air quality, humidity, valves and more). All of which can be linked to the visual alarms and controls with escalation and full management control, from anywhere.


Offer Cloud Based Security and Data Protection

​ In the future, should controls lessen, the technology can be re-purposed for data gathering on visitors, to aide security measures and for marketing purposes. Businesses can engage customers with personalised promotions or generate revenue from 3rd party advertising, as well as provide instructions to staff or visitors.

Fast Screening
Avoid queues

Download our App

Automatically link
the person and their
Just tap your QR code.

Data is automatically recorded (POPI & GDPR compliant).

Manage social distancing through
active monitoring

Be safe and compliant
with automated

Reporting and Management

All data recorded is securely logged on the FeverSafe digital dashboard.  Easily set up key triggers with notifications and warnings, set up action steps, and notify key personnel in extreme circumstances. Daily temperature reports can be generated, and trends can be identified.

Product matrix

Temperature Screening Solutions FeverSafe APP Entry-Level Camera (Kiosk) ​ Mid-Tier Thermal Camera​ Top-Tier Thermal Camera​
Temperature Screening Infra-Red Handheld Infra-Red Sensor Mini Thermal Camera Hi-End Thermal Camera
Accuracy 0.4°F / 0.2°C 0.7°F / 0.3°C 0.9°F / 0.5°C 0.7°F / 0.3°C
Range 1 inch / 3cm 2-3 Feet / 1m 9 Feet / 3m 20 Feet / 6m
Temperature Read Time 1 sec 1-2 sec 1 sec <1 sec
Detections per Screening 1 1 1 Up to 20
Persons per Minute 8 15 30 50+
Person Identification - -
Notification & Escalation Engine
Reporting / Temperature Logging
Portability (additional H/W) -
End to End Solution
Upgrade Options
Facial Recognition - -
Occupancy Counting -
Content Management - -
Customization & Integration - -
FeverSafe App Entry Level Mid-Tier Top-Tier

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