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FeverSafe thermometer

The FeverSafe non-contact, Bluetooth enabled thermometers can be used to measure temperatures rapidly and non-invasively. Our thermometers use IR (Infrared) technology to measure temperatures accurately. When combined with the FeverSafe application, all data captured can be wirelessly (via Bluetooth) be sent to the secure cloud-based FeverSafe platform to ensure compliancy.

Offer Includes
1 x FeverSafe Thermometer

$US 99

Opening special (Schools only)- 12 months Free for schools access to FeverSafe Check-In App and Portal

Take advantage of our opening special and ensure the safety of your staff and visitors with the FeverSafe contactless temperature measurement app and platform. Our opening special includes free access to the app for 12 months with the inclusion of unlimited scan stations. The FeverSafe App, with a response time measured ‘in milliseconds’, is an optimal solution to the growing need for non-invasive temperature sensing, and is a must have for all businesses and schools.

Offer Includes
  • Subscription for 12 months on the FeverSafe Check-In solution
  • Unlimited Scan Stations



Get 12 months free use of the FeverSafe App